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Anti-Aging Eastern Europe is the platinum open-access peer-reviewed journal in the fields of aging, rejuvenation, immune rehabilitation, P4 medicine (predictive, preventative, personalized, participatory). The Journal is funded and published by Medical Center "Edem Medical" LLC, Ukraine.

Title abbreviation:  Anti Aging East Eur

DOI prefix: 10.56543

Published from the year 2022

Frequency: Quarterly (March, June, September, December) Languages: English, Ukrainian Certificate of State registration

Certificate of state registration of print media Series КВ № 25051-14991Р

Aims and scope: Anti-Aging Eastern Europe (AAEE) aims to publish evidence-based research, reviews, and other articles of interest to medical and healthcare professionals in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. All rational points presented by contributing authors will be taken into account and actively discussed through the prism of holistic and personalized anti-aging and rejuvenation strategies. In line with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, psychosocial, physical, and environmental components of health will be considered as pillars of all discussed therapeutic and preventive anti-aging measures. In view of the current pathophysiological concepts of aging, the following scientific directions will be prioritized: inflammation, regeneration, and oncogenesis. Specific scope of interests will include topics related to ethical research by Ukrainian and Eastern European fellows with special interest in anti-aging. Research works with clearly formulated working hypotheses, correct study designs, meaningful statistics, and pertinent references will be accepted and widely publicized by the Journal editors.

The following is the list of some priority research topics for this Journal:    

  • Innovations in pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of aging diseases
  • Psychological, social, and environmental determinants of healthy aging
  • Fertility, sexuality, reproductive health and aging
  • Personalized medicine and aging
  • Cell therapies and aging processes
  • Rejuvenation therapies
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation in aging diseases
  • Nutrition and anti-aging strategies
  • Inflammaging
  • Cancer and aging
  • COVID-19 pandemic and aging
  • Integrative medicine and aging
  • Art and aging

Editor-in-Chief: Oleksii Bashkirtsev

The editorial board includes leading Ukrainian medical experts and collaborators from all over the world. Editorial policies and peer review are based on relevant and professional standards:

Peer review is a transparent, independent, and professional editorial process (Double-blind peer review model with at least 2 external reviewers) based on:

All reviewers are officially acknowledged annually by listing their names. Journal Policies  License terms: The authors are the holders of the copyright. They allow the publisher to publish their manuscript as a primary article. All the published articles are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CCBY 4.0), which permits freely copying and redistributing the material. Authors charges and Open access policy: This Journal provides full immediate open access upon publication. There are no submission, publication, and reading charges (Diamond Open Access publishing model). Full-text access to scientific articles of the journal is presented on the official website in archives. The Journal employs the platinum open access model; there are no processing or publication charges for the authors. Our readers can access published articles freely. All contents are available fully and immediately upon publication. Adherence to declarations and statements:

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